【SEAJ】GLOBALLY : Japan Startup Ecosystem Career Connect グローバルに活躍する 日本スタートアップエコシステム キャリアコネクト

日本スタートアップエコシステムキャリアコネクトGLOBALLY : Japan Startup Ecosystem Career Connect

※本イベントは英語で開催されます。 This event will be held in English.
※このイベントは、日本スタートアップエコシステム協会、スカイラー・コール(インキュベイトファンド)、JPort by SPeak corp.、Tokyo Women in VC、東京大学公共政策大学院(GraSPP)卒業生会によるコラボイベントです。This event is in collaboration with Japan Startup Ecosystem Association, Schyler Cole (VC at Incubate Fund), JPort by SPeak corp., Tokyo Women in VC, and The University of Tokyo GraSPP Alumni Association.


Globally - Japan Startup Ecosystem Career Connect is the inaugural career event dedicated to (1) connecting highly-motivated foreign university students/young professionals with exciting roles in startups/venture capital firms/ecosystem players in Japan and (2) supplying resources for actionable follow up and next steps.
By participating students and young professionals will benefit from being a part of an environment, sessions, and resources finely-attune to the challenges and desires of diverse, highly-talented, globally-minded university students and young professionals in Japan with elementary to advanced Japanese proficiency in addition to viable internship/employment opportunities with firms ready to take on and support international talent.
By participating, current ecosystem players will gain access to a diverse talent pool with rare skills & qualifications, accelerate global expansion ambition, increase company profile visibility, and gain insights on working with diverse talent.
Ongoing Ways to Engage:
● Share active full-time job openings/intake process
● Share long term internship(s)
● Be added to a list of companies willing to consider the target profiles(s)


Date: Saturday, June 25th, 2022
Time: 9:00 - 12:00 (Venue open until 13:00 for Networking)
Venue: CIC Tokyo (Limited Seating)
Online: Zoom link will be sent a day before the event.
Language: English


9:00 Start!
● Intro and Welcome (Event Purpose + Co-Organizer Introduction)
● Panels on the Japan Startup Ecosystem
● Startup Pitches
● Networking until 13:00