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The following activities are planned for the future.
  1. Consolidation of information related to startup support and dissemination of information domestically and internationally
  1. Exchange of opinions and policy recommendations with government
  1. Discussions in subcommittees for specific industries (e.g., Smart City, Green Tech, Deep Tech, Healthcare)
  1. Collaboration with overseas organizations (e.g., Startup Genome, Global Entrepreneurship Network, La French Tech, World Bank, and overseas venture capitalists/accelerators) and co-sponsored events
  1. Support for universities and other educational institutions to foster entrepreneurship
  1. Startup-related databases
    1. startups in Japan (have them register so that the database can be used and information can be viewed)
    2. foreign startups who want to develop their business in Japan or find business partners
    3. information on startup support (accelerator programs, grants, events, recruitment, etc.)